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“I love PetArmor. I have 5 dogs and this works better than all the others and we have tried everything.” -PetArmor Facebook fan“GREAT initiative in the Promise! Amazing work you all are doing – truly gracious and generous.” – PetArmor Facebook Fan“It really works GREAT on my dogs!” – PetArmor Facebook Fan“I absolutely love your product and have been using it on my two shih-tzus, Bailee and Bentlee, since you brought it to market.” – PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Thank you PetArmor for offering a quality product for our pets (4-legged family members) that people can afford. I love it when I can find the same product as an over-priced competitor for so much less, that works as well, if not better (in my opinion).” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Great price just as good as Frontline.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“I was initially skeptical about using this product. My dog has never had fleas and I want to keep it that way! Thanks to your GREAT product my dog is flea free and we have had NO problems transitioning to your product.” –PetArmor Twitter Follower
“Both my dogs thank you as does my wallet.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Thanks for making and distributing this product. I have two dogs so now I can treat both for the price of one.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“I love PetArmor, I have 14 rescued cats and 1 dog.. life is good.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“We’re switching all of our pets over to @PetArmor 4 flea and tick control. Same active ingredients as Frontline but costs a lot less. Why pay more?” –PetArmor Twitter Follower
“Thank you for making PetArmor. As a mama to many rescues with 7 dogs & 13 cats of our own we are grateful for an outstanding product and a much more affordable means to protect our amazing furkids.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan

“I’m writing to say thank you for this product. I have 10 dogs and work a second job in the summer to afford flea and tick medicine, now maybe I can take some time off. Thanks again.” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“So happy to see your products at Walmart, it is always good to save money and to be able to protect our pups!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Better than Frontline and works great!!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Works fantastic on my dog!!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“I used your product a month ago and haven’t seen one tick or flea!! I’m impressed!!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“On second treatment for 3 dogs and no ticks or fleas in our tick infested woods around the house!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“This is the week we will switch from Frontline Plus and try a three pack of PetArmor! Makes perfect sense. Our dog Louie will get fun stuff since we are saving!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“I have switched to PetArmor and have found that it does what it says it will do! And I saved a bunch of money!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan
“Just as good as Frontline for less!” –PetArmor Facebook Fan