Ear Care

Your dog may not understand, but routine maintenance of its ears is essential. Ear infections are the second most common veterinarian diagnosis. That’s where you can help. PetArmor ear care products are designed to discourage bacteria growth and to clean your dog’s ears by loosening wax and debris. We also take ear care one step further with our PetArmor Ear Mite & Tick Treatment for Dogs. It kills ticks and ear mites. Get your pet back to enjoying life itch and pain free!

PetArmor® Ear Mite & Tick Treatment

petarmor ear mite & tick treatment
Kills ticks and ear mites. Relieves itching caused by such conditions. Contains aloe, which helps soothe your dog's ears.

PetArmor® Medicated Ear Rinse

petarmor ear rinse for dogs and cats
Dual-action rinse kills both yeast and odor-causing bacteria while gently cleaning away dirt, wax and damaged tissues in your pet’s ears.