How to Find Fleas Fast

Simple-to-follow instructions you can use at home to find out if your dog or cat has fleas. Remember, check regularly.

Does your dog have fleas?
Does your dog have fleas?

How to check for fleas

First, find a fine-toothed metal flea comb or brush. But, if you don't have one you can use your fingers. Mix water and dish soap in a bowl to have close by. Then,have your pet stand on a white sheet or towel.

Using the flea comb, brush or your fingers search your pet’s coat. Run the comb, brush or your fingers along your pet’s back and underbelly, making sure to come in contact with the skin. Check the white sheet to see any if there are any small black specks, these might be fleas or flea dirt.

Flea dirt is flea feces and is composed of digested blood. Flea dirt can look like sand. Wonder if what you found is flea dirt? Add water, flea dirt will turn red.

If you pull out any fleas, immediately drown them in the nearby bowl of soapy water. If you can’t find any traces of fleas, and your pet continues to scratch, have your veterinarian check your pet.

If fleas are present treat your pet with a flea and tick treatment from PetArmor and continue to treat regularly to help prevent fleas from coming back.

Even the cleanest pet can have pinhead-sized fleas hiding within the coat, so it’s important to check for them regularly.

Flea in dog's coat
Fleas are tiny. Check regularly
Fleas and flea dirt in a cat's fur
Fleas and flea dirt can look like dirt or sand in their fur.
Cat on a towel full of fleas and flea dirt
A white towl can help you see if your pet has fleas

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