How to Be Flea Free

Fleas are intruders that can hitch a free ride into your home on your four-legged best friend—or even on you. Here we’ll give you insider tips on how to kick fleas to the curb for good.

You can protect your home and pets from fleas.
You can protect your home and pets from fleas.

Get rid of fleas—for your pet’s sake and your own.

Your best strategy against fleas and ticks is to have a routine. Do not skip or delay flea and tick protection, even in the winter. You can take all the necessary steps to protect your pets right at home.

If you do experience a flea infestation expect to see fleas after a treatment is applied. It is normal for dying fleas to begin moving to the top of your pet's coat. They have come into contact with the treatment and are looking for a way out. Fleas don’t give up easily. It will take time for any treatment to take full effect. Some treatments are faster than others, read the label, follow the instruction and be patient.

Here are a few simple steps to help turn your home into a flea-free zone.

  • Use flea and tick protection like PetArmor on all dogs and cats in your home, year round.
  • Vacuum the entire house regularly, including under furniture, on upholstery, and along baseboards. Empty the vacuum bag or canister into a plastic bag, seal it and throw the bag away immediately.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding and anything else they sleep and play on regularly. You can use flea and tick home products from PetArmor in these areas for additional protection.
  • Treat your yard for pests. Cut down or remove tall brush and grasses near your home or pet runs to reduce exposure to fleas and ticks.
  • To repeat, continue regular treatments, all year long.

You are not alone. If you have questions PetArmor is just a social post or phone call away.

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